I was born in lovely British Columbia but thankfully my parents had the good sense to move to Alberta before I was six months old. I grew up in small towns throughout the southern half of the province - Crossfield, Olds, Gleichen and Milk River - so, although I now live in Calgary, my heart belongs to those wide-open spaces beyond the confines of the city.

Alberta is the most wonderful place on the planet and I explore it every chance I get. 

I Take Pictures, A Lot of Pictures

I used to grab my mom's squared-off Kodak camera and go outside at night to try to take pictures of the Milky Way. They never worked out - even when I used a flash cube - but that in no way diminished my fascination with whole process of making two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional objects.

By the time college came along I was totally in love with the process and even though I hit a few detours along the way - partsman for an International Harvester dealership, CPR clerk, auto mechanic - I knew that photography would be a huge part of my life. 

So when a job at the Lethbridge Herald opened up back in 1978 and I was lucky enough to get it, I latched on with tooth and claw.  And I've never looked back.


Since then I've joined the Calgary Sun - in 1985 - and have lived and worked in Calgary ever since. My job has taken me many places around the country and, through the portal of my weekly On The Road column, I have taken myself to many more places all around the world. Through black and white to color film, from slides to negatives and then on to digital photography and a new-found love for video and the outright fun of taking pictures with an iPhone, my enchantment with this most amazing art form has never stopped growing.

It has been a wonderful life.